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Zinfandel, while long believed to have originated in the United States, through DNA analysis has revealed that Zinfandel is actually the same grape as Italy's Primitivo. This discovery has shed light on the grape's history and its journey across continents. Today, Zinfandel is primarily associated with California, particularly regions like Napa Valley and Sonoma County.

Speaking of taste, Zinfandel is known for its bold and robust characteristics. It is a full-bodied wine with high alcohol content and rich fruit flavours. Blackberry, black cherry, and raspberry are often prominent in Zinfandel, accompanied by spicy notes of black pepper and cloves. The wine can vary in sweetness levels, from dry to off-dry, and can also exhibit hints of smokiness or earthiness in certain styles. Its high tannins give it structure and aging potential, allowing it to develop complex flavours over time.

California remains the top region for Zinfandel cultivation, with regions like Paso Robles, Lodi, and Amador County known for their distinct expression of the grape. Additionally, regions in Australia, South Africa, and Italy also produce notable Zinfandels that showcase their unique terroir and winemaking techniques.

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