Buy Gift Ideas in St Helens

If its drink related gift ideas you're looking for, then we can almost certainly help you find the perfect present. Starting at just £6, we can wrap almost any of our products and turn it it into a lovely looking gift.

From our own in-store wrapping, to limited edition pre-packaged box sets off our suppliers, and wines from your year of birth or marriage in a presentation box, we can find something unique of different to suit just about everyone.

Our most popular gifts include:

  • A selection of miniature gins, either 5cl or 20cl combined with a gin glass or bottle of tonic, wrapped in transparent foil with a coloured ribbon.
  • A similar gift made up of 20cl or 35cl wines or champagnes with a glass.
  • Pre-packaged limited availability gin, whisky or spirits with one or two glasses in a display box.
  • Specioal format wines in a display box (Magnums and Jéroboams).

Our shop is located at 68 Walmesley Road, Eccleston, St Helens, WA105JN