WineStore at Eccleston

At last, your chance to browse a wide range of wines, craft beers, and premium gins, all right on your doorstep, here in Eccleston St. Helens.

Our shop opened in September 2017 on Walmesley road, right at the centre of the local Eccleston community, where we hope to be able to provide a great shopping service and experience to you, our customers.

We do aim to be different!

Our hope is to stock wines you wont find everywhere else. We want you to experience something new and fantastic. Our spirits and gins are right up to date, with the newest gins on the market, with over 100 unique gins available after only opening our doors 4 weeks ago.

Similarly, with our craft beers we are looking to source many of our lines from the dozens of local small breweries within a 20 mile circle rather than provide the run of the mill choices you'll find elsewhere. In addition, we have brought great beers to St Helens from eastern Europe, as well as countries further afield to give you something a little specicial.

Called the WineStore at Eccleston, we plan on offering a selection of great tasting, value wines, gins and beers for everyday drinking right along with fine wines and gins for special occasions.

I hope you'll come in and give us a try.

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Why Shop with Winestore

Here at Winestore Eccleston we want to expose a myth. In retail we are led to believe that bigger is better. That if you shop at a supermarket you can get top quality, lowest prices and the widest choice, and although this may often be true, in the wine and alcoholic drinks market small is definitely king!

There are thousands upon thousands of brewers, distilleries and wineries around the world, and only the very tip of the iceberg produce at high enough levels suitable for supermarkets and big retailers. As a small retailer, we can choose the best priced, the best quality and the widest possible selection from any of them and bring them to your doorstep in St. Helens.

With the huge surge in micro breweries, you will no doubt be aware that most taste and quality awards go to these small dedicated businesses, and you'll notice that they are almost always lower priced than their more commercially available equivalent. This is similarly true for spirits and wine.

So, in a nutshell, we feel we can offer you:

  • Wide and varied choice of drinks, mostly not available at large retailers, and some exclusively retailed in the UK by ourselves.
  • Better quality, better tasting, drink at almost any price point.
  • A good level of product knowledge. We taste and test all the drinks we sell so we know exactly what we are offering you.
  • Personal levels of service, only possible to achieve from a small Eccleston based local business, like the Winestore.

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Our shop is located at 68 Walmesley Road, Eccleston, St Helens, WA105JN