6 Wines Bundle of Your Choice

6 Wines Bundle of Your Choice


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  • Any 6 bottles from our bundle selection and pay only £35. The average RRP of these wines is just under £10/bottle, so you get great quality wines at real discounted prices.
  • With typically over 30 different wines to pick from, our bundle has a wide selection of red, white and rose wines to suit everyone's tastes.
  • All your favourite grape types, but look out for unfamiliar ones. A fantastic way to try something new
  • We change our bundle wines regularly, so there's always something new to try

Brief Description

The wines available for you to choose in this bundle can be seen on the "Bottle" drop down boxes. There are a wide selection of reds, whites and roses, typically with over 20 choices.

We try to ensure that we can always provide popular picks, so we usually have Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay in the whites, and Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz in the reds.

However, we do like to offer you something a little different, so you'll find many wines featuring a blend of grapes with wines from many countries, and we try to change these frequently so you can always try something new.


Our Goal

The goal of our wine bundle is provide great value wines so that you, our customer, have the chance to try a wider variety of wines without breaking the bank.

I'm sure a lot of you act out the same pattern I find myself doing. I know I like Malbec, so I pretty much always choose a Malbec. After all, If you're going to drink something and possibly pay over £10, you want to know you're going to enjoy it, right?

Well, we've put together a selection of wines that includes all of our favourites. But we've also included a lot of grape types you've probably never tried (like an Italian Pecorino for instance). We've also included blends that you might not have come across (like Pinotage and Malbec, or Semillon and Chardonnay).

Out hope is that in choosing 6 wines, but only charging a price that 4 of these 4 wines would normally cost you, you'll push that boat out and try 2 wines you'd normally never think of.


Please note that some wines can only be selected for a limited number of bottles in your pack. This is usually where a wine has limited availability.

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