Estrella Galicia

The Estrella brand is owned by the Hijos de Rivera Brewery which was founded in 1906. It's based in The Spanish city of La Coruña, which is the largest (by population) city in the autonomous community of Galicia.

In 2006 Estrella launched the 1906 Reserva lager to celebrate its 100 year anniversary.

Originally called La Estrella de Galicia brewery, it was founded byJosé María Rivera Corral, and its flagship lager Estrella Galicia remains its best selling line, sold in just about every bar in Spain,

Alcohol Free Lager

9 Available



Black Coupage 1906

12 Available

RRP: £15.00


Gluten Free Pack-24

5 Available

RRP: £45.00


Premium Lager Pack-24

9 Available

RRP: £39.50


Reserva Especial 1906

16 Available

RRP: £12.50



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