West Coast Swing White Zinfandel

White Zinfandel


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Size: 75cl

Optn: 2021 Rose

  • This white Zinfandel is a lovely delicate and light rose which is gently sweet
  • Coming from California, its designed to be enjoyed in summer, where its fruity, refreshing and gentle palate makes it a perfect garden party drink
  • From its aroma to its finish, its a glass full of ripe fruits, with melon, strawberries and peaches all melded together

Brief Description

Tasting Notes

Full of ripe fruit aromas such as peaches, mango and melon. Juicy on the palate with strawberry and tropical fruit flavours with fresh acidity balancing the sweetness. Light bodied and, as is typical of white Zinfandel, slightly lower alcohol content, makes this a delicious, refreshing and easy drink wine.


White Zinfandel, contrary to its name, is not in fact white wine. It is made from the red grape varietal Zinfandel, using a process called “stuck fermentation” and comes in a range of styles, from an off-dry to sweet rose.

In California, white Zinfandel is the wine of choice - maybe not surprising as the grape originates in the area where the climate is perfect for these juicy red grapes.

The vinification consists of soft pressing with skin maceration for up to 12 hours at controlled temperature to enhance colour and preserve primary aromas. Fermentation is in stainless steel, leaving the wine as unaltered as possible.

Ideal with...

Sunshine!, this is your perfect drink to enjoy in the garden on a nice sunny day. Great with spicy-hot food, and as a dessert wine. Very good with strawberries and strawberry tarts.


Grape: Muscat

Country: United States

Wine Colour: Rose

Vintage: 2021

Vegetarian: Yes

ABV: 10.00

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