Akashi Blended Oak Japanese Whisky

Blended Oak Japanese Whisky


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Size: 50cl

  • If you’re looking for an affordably-priced Japanese whisky, this is a great option. Entry-level product from Eigashima Shuzo.
  • Soft Japanese whisky with a mild, apple-tinged sweetness. Overall this is a smooth, simple whisky

Brief Description

The export version of Akashi is made from malt and grain whiskies wheras the Japanese home market version is made with malt whisky and molasses spirit. This gives it a taste a little more akin to UK whisky and makes it an ideal first step in trying a Japanese Whisky.

For a different perspective on its taste try adding a few drops of water and letting it rest. The lemongrass and medicinal smell go on the back. This whiskey becomes mellow, fruity and chocolaty. Superb! The best of things always take time to appreciate


ABV: 40.00

Bottle Format: Regular

Country: Japan

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