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  • Made in the UK using Spannish gin making methods
  • Smooth and light to suit every taste
  • Delicate, fresh, and light fruit flavours
  • Collectors item as Tinker gin is no longer in production

Brief Description

Tinker Gin is a Spanish style small batch gin made in the UK with a beautifully light and fruity taste lending itself to a perfect Gintonic. Serve in a balloon glass with plenty of ice and a slice of pear to release the fruity berries and sherbet flavours.

Tinker original gin is made using the latest Spanish techniques lending itself to a very smooth drink, far removed from the traditional juniper heavey gins that 'grandma' used to drink. With around 20 botanicals including berries, elderberries and liquorice its also got a classic background of citrus fruits including orange and lemon to give it a refreshing, smooth taste leaving the smallest hint of elderberries in the mouth.

The gin brand got its name from the way in which this drink was created. By continually tinkering with the choice of, the origin of, and the balance of all the botanicals unil they were satisfied they had creted something they were proud to label as Tinker Gin

Tasting Notes

Mix with a quality tonic and a slice of pear.

The pear will bring out the gorgeous light fruity taste of Tinker Gin perfectly

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