Hatozaki Blended Japanese Whisky

Blended Japanese Whisky


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Size: 70cl

  • Light in style with a rich backbone of malt whisky character. Barley sugar sweetness, citrus hints and orchard fruits dominate the palate.
  • A premium blend of whiskies, aged up to 12 years in 3 different types of barrel
  • Notes of cherry blossom, pears and caramel linger on the palate

Brief Description

Hatozaki blended whisky comes from the Kaikyo Distillery and is a mix of both malt and grain whiskies. This whisky is named after the Hatozaki lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse in Japan.

The whisky is made from a blend of both imported and Japanese distilled whisky which is then aged in many different cask types, including sherry, bourbon and Mizunara oak, imparting a deep and complex flavour profile.


ABV: 40.00

Bottle Format: Regular

Country: Japan

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