Hatozaki Pure Malt Japanese Whisky

Pure Malt Japanese Whisky


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Size: 70cl

  • 100% malt whisky aged in Sherry, Bourbon and Mizunara oak casks and bottled at 46% abv
  • Complex and sweet, malty cereal notes, gentle vanilla, dried fruit, a light touch of smoke. Gentle cigar box hints and lingering honey on the finish.

Brief Description

Hatozaki Pure Malt whisky comes from the Kaikyo Distillery and is 100% malt whiskies derived from both home distilled and imported spirit.

Hatozaki derives its name from the Hatozaki lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse in Japan.

The whisky is aged in sherry, bourbon and Mizunara oak casks leaving it with its delightful smokey, cigar box palate.


ABV: 46.00

Bottle Format: Regular

Country: Japan

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