Carpene Malvolti Rose Cuvee Brut

Rose Cuvee Brut


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Size: 75cl

Optn: Sparkling Rose

A Prosecco by any other name... Because Prosecco is also a white grape variety, no Rose sparkling wine can officially call itself Prosecco. Yet this sparkling wine delivers so much more than many Proseccos and is even preferred by some to Rose Champagne.

Brief Description

Tasting Notes

Yum yum yum. This delicious fizz has everything that's great about Prosecco combined with everything that's great about a Provence Rose. It has depth, whilst retaining freshness and that fabulous palate cleansing sensation that good fizz delivers. The spectrum of flavours is really broad, with redcurrants, rosehips, parma violets and just a touch of slightly creamy, sweet cherries. The finish is fairly long, but again, really fresh with none of the edges sometimes found in cheaper sparkling wines.


Carpene Malvolti was founded in 1868 by Antonio Carpene. As a chemist, he was convinced that Italy could produce sparkling wines as well as the French and was determined to create wine of the same quality as champagne. Now, around 150 years later, Italian sparkling wines are well and truly on the world wine map with many consumers preferring the style of Proseccos and Rose sparkling wines such as this.

Carpene Malvolt Rose is made predominantly with Pinot Nero, a clone of Pinot Noir with 15% Raboso, which is another red grape variety used in this region of Italy. Each variety is handled individually with the Pinot Nero gently pressed and just the 'free run' juice used. The Raboso is dried on racks before being fermented on the skins, pressed and then spending a short time in oak casks. The two cuvees are then blended and bottled under pressure to give us this fine sparkling wine.

Ideal with...

Where to start? This is a very versatile wine and as you would expect, it's lovely on its own. One of the best food matches is seafood risotto, though salmon works really well with it as do white meats. Even goats' cheese is a good marriage - try it grilled on 'petits toasts' with a rocket and beetroot salad.


ABV: 12.00

Country: Italy

Grape Variety: Pinot Noir (Pinot Nero)

Region: Italy :: Veneto

Vegan: Yes

Vegetarian: Yes

Vintage: NV

Wine Colour: Rose

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