Napoleon Grande Fine Champagne Cognac

Grande Fine Champagne Cognac


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Size: 70cl

Optn: 1811 Cognac

  • More than 200 years old, this single bottle is as rare as any antique
  • With two tastings reported in the last 20 years, we are confident that it will still drink magnificently
  • Rarer than many similarly priced whiskies, it is a highly collectible bottle

Brief Description


Level 5 cms from the cork. Label complete and all details legible with some very small nicks. The wax capsule is still intact, though there is a little (historical) damage on the top with a small amount missing. Absolutely no signs of seepage and in our view, this is a stunning example.


Perhaps one of the rarest finds, this bottle represents an important time in history. It was not only the year that the town of Cognac received Napoleon, but also the year that his second wife, Marie Louise gave birth to his son. The following year, Napoleon began his disastrous campaign against Russia, amassing a vast army of 500,000 infantry, 100,000 cavalry and 80,000 in the baggage trains. plus other contingents from all over Napoleon's world. It is hard to believe that a cognac that was made in honour of Napoleon, while he was still alive and which he almost certainly tasted, is still available to purchase and drink.

Napoleon Cognac was recreated by Couvoisier in 1910. It is now a Fine Champagne cognac (a classification that didn't exist in 1811) and is made from blend of Grande and Petite Champagne cognacs, some matured for up to 20 years. The terms 'Grande' and 'Petite' Champagne are a reference to the classification of the areas where the Gognac grapes (the Ugni Blanc variety) are grown.

Our Views

As well as being an important historical item, this bottle will almost certainly still drink extremely well. Cognacs with significant age develop rich buttery caramel characteristics as well as great depth and warmth.


Country: France

Vintage: 1811

Wine Colour: Ambre

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