Suntory Chita Japanese Whisky

Chita Japanese Whisky


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Size: 70cl

  • Light whisky with subtle notes of mint, honey and wood spice.
  • Aged in a combination of sherry, bourbon and (unusually) wine casks
  • A fresh zesty finish

Brief Description

Continuing 40 years of excellence in distilling Japanese grain whiskies at Chita distillery, the House of Suntory Whisky's Master Blenders have created an outstanding single grain whisky.

With versatile flavours and exquisite balance, Chita grain whiskies have traditionally been used as the "dashi" or broth that enhances the harmony of Suntory blends. Through continuous research and innovation, Chita's grain whiskies have achieved an unrivalled sophistication and a level of complexity that lets them finally take centre stage.


ABV: 43.00

Bottle Format: Regular

Country: Japan

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