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  • Harking back to the origins of Gin, Sing is made using grape alcohol to give it an unmatched smoothness
  • Made with 7 botanicals, all hand crushed before being seeped in the Still, releasing the oils for its famous strength of flavour and aroma
  • Distilled by hand in small batches of 50 litres to ensure premium quality

Brief Description

Distilled in small batches, Sing Gins blend of seven beautiful botanicals harmonise to create a rare and tantalising freshness with distinct floral undertones.

Going back to the very first gins, Sing Gin uses grape based alcohol rather than grain based, which gives a silky smoothness that just cant be matched by grain.

Using seven botanicals, including Juniper, Mint, Orange peel and Flax, all of which are crushed by hand to give the Sing Gin trademark strength of flavour and aroma. These are then seeped overnight in 'Bella', their small copper and steel still and then mixed with the alcohol to be distilled in small hand crafted batches of 50 litres.

So how does it taste?

On the Nose: We have pronounced juniper followed by slight sweet and citrus notes with a hint of spice, and floral after-tones.

On The Palate: We have a big flavoured gin with lots of juniper balanced with slight sweet notes and a long finish, leaving a subtly pleasurable tingle on the edges of the tongue.


Country: England
ABV: 40.00
Bottle Format: Regular
Bottle Format: Small
Spirit Type: Unflavoured

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