Forged in Wakefield Yorkshire Strength Gin

Yorkshire Strength Gin

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  • Yorkshire Strength delivers 57% ABV, but with carefully matched botanicals to tame the extra strength and deliver a fantastically smooth and mellow gin
  • Pair with a premium light tonic. Or perfect as part of a dirty Martini
  • Hand crafted, using the 'one-shot' and vapour infusion methods
  • Certified organic, vegan, no artificial flavourings and no added sugar

Brief Description

Yorkshire Strength is an incredibly smooth dry gin measuring in at 57% abv. Don’t be put off by the extra kick, the botanicals have been tailored specifically to mellow the extra strength. The addition of Lemon Balm and Elderflower create a calming effect on the palate. The bright citrus notes of additional orange peel help balance off the flavour profile whilst the additional botanical weight creates a luxurious mouthfeel.

Being awarded Silver medals at both the 2020 London Spirits Competition and the Gin Masters is a real testament to the quality of our Navy Strength gin.

Pair with a premium light tonic. Or perfect as part of a dirty Martini.


Country: England
ABV: 57.00
Bottle Format: Regular
Bottle Format: Small
Spirit Type: Flavoured

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