Zymurgorium Yard of Zym Gin

Yard of Zym Gin


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Size: 12x5cl

  • A beautifully packaged gin collection, measuring in at a yard long and containing 12x5cl Gins.
  • Zymurgorium Yard of Gin contains 6 full strength gins and 6 gin liqueurs
  • A great gift, a great party piece and definitely a great gin experience!

Brief Description

Another worlds first from the wizards at Zymurgorium! The ultimate towering gift or awesome table top center piece perfect for Birthdays, Mothers/ Fathers day, Easter/ Christmas , parties or just because you’re worth it….the Yard of Gin has it covered

The Yard of Gin Contains 12 x 5cL miniatures in total. 6 Gins and 6 Gin Liqueurs:

  • OSG – Original Manchester Sloe Gin (40%)
  • CBG – Choc-O-Bloc Gin (40%)
  • OMG – Original Manchester Gin (40%)
  • ZPG – Zym Pink Gin (38%)
  • MMG – Manchester Marmalade Gin (40%)
  • SYG – Syllabub Gin (40%)


  • TDG – Turkish Delight Gin Liqueur (18.7%)
  • FSG – Fruit Salad Pineapple & Sweet Raspberry Gin Liqueur (20%)
  • SVG – Sweet Violet Gin Based Liqueur (18.7%)
  • BWG – Cherry on Top Bakewell Gin Liqueur (20%)
  • APG – My My Apple Pie Gin Liqueur (20%)
  • JBG – Jack Blacked Gin Liqueur (20%)

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