Buy Vintage Wine in St Helens

Vintage wine from the year of a wedding or birth can make a wonderful anniversary gift or birthday gift to celebrate a special occasion like a 70th birthday or golden wedding anniversary. For the person receiving this gift, they have the pleasure of owning something quite special as these rare wines have a very limited supply.

All our wines are sourced directly from the wine producer, personal collections or private cellars, meaning that all our vintage gifts have been personally selected to ensure the quality of the wine, the label and the bottle is as good as we can find.

Although many vintage wines are bought as a collectors item, we believe that wine was made to drink, and we keep that in mind when choosing our stock. Nonetheless as the wine bottle, even when empty, is still a collectors item and is usually kept by the recipient as a souvenir to commemorate their birthday or anniversary.

Our shop is located at 68 Walmesley Road, Eccleston, St Helens, WA105JN