Wines of Argentina

Argentina is the worlds 5th largest wine producer and has been making wine since its Spanish colonisation in the 16th Century.

Its wide base of immigrants brought wine makers from Italy, where they introduced Bonarda, and the French who introduced what is now a firm Argentinian favourite, Malbec.

The major wine regions of Argentina are located in the western part of the country among the foothills of the Andes Mountains. This includes most of the Mendoza region, which produces 60% of all of Argentina's wine.

Blanc de Malbec

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Malbec '1300'

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Malbec 'Raices' Uco Valley

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Gran Reserva

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Obra Cabernet Sauvignon

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Obra Malbec

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Sauvignon Blanc

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Attorante Malbec

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Mendoza Malbec

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Cuma Organic Malbec

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Cuma Organic Torrontes

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Finca La Florencia Malbec

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