Aberfeldy 12 yo Single Malt Whisky

12 yo Single Malt Whisky


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Size: 70cl

Optn: Whisky

Mellowed for 12 years in handmade oak casks, this smooth, sweet dram, offers rewards for those who like to dig deeper.

Brief Description

Tasting Notes

Creamy with a trailing lighy smokyness and very gently peated. Sweet. malty with a hint of peaches and vanilla and lightly oaked.


First planned in 1896 by the sons of John Dewar, Dewar’s Aberfeldy Highlands Distillery is the only Scotch whisky distillery built by the Dewar family.

Dewar’s was already a highly successful brand of blended whisky, renowned for its quality, and the company needed more single malt whisky to use in its blend. Dewar’s premium blends are ‘double-aged’, with a secondary resting in oak barrels once the blend is created. The costly process gives an extra smoothness to the final whisky.

Now popular in its own right as a single malt, Aberfeldy still makes up the heart of the Dewar’s blend, contributing its heather honey flavour to America’s best-selling Scotch whisky.


ABV: 40.00

Bottle Format: Regular

Country: Scotland

Whisky Region: Highlands

Wine Colour: Ambre

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