Alpha Zeta Amarone



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Size: 75cl

Optn: 2018 Red

  • A fantastic Amarone. Bold, powerful but silky smooth.
  • With chocolate and cherries filling every mouthful this is a lovely drinking wine.
  • Another example of the talents in Italian red wine. Smooth tannins are present.

Brief Description

Tasting Notes

with some beautiful dark cherry and blueberries present.


Alpha Zeta was started in 1999, making it a relatively new producer. The location and conditions of the vineyard allows for their grapes to ripen slowly. Which helps them to retain all their natural flavours and compounds, making them able to produce these fantastic wines.

Ideal with...

Try this with red meats, maybe a nice venison or lamb stew, or even just a cheese board.


ABV: 15.00

Country: Italy

Vintage: 2018

Wine Colour: Red

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