Two Birds Season 1 Gift Box

Season 1 Gift Box


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Size: 6x5cl

  • 6 delicious Two Birds spirits including 5 gins and a passionfruit vodka
  • Each bottle gives a hearty 5cl sized double to give you a real chance to enjoy each drink
  • Each set comes in a well designed box making it a great choice as a gift

Brief Description

This set contains 6 5cl bottles of some of Two Birds most popular spirits. It includes their multi award winning Strawberry and Vanilla gin, along with their massively popular Watrmelon gin.

Inside you'll also find their traditional Old Tom gin, lemon grass gin, and their newest flavour, pomegraite and grapefruit gin.

It also contains Passionfruit vodka, their most popular vodka in their array of vodkas.

The bottles come displayed in a well designed and sturdy box to make it a really nice gift for fans of this fantastic spirits company.

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