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Violet Gin
  • Spannish style Tinker Gin forms the perfect base
  • Gently flavoured with unmistakable Parma Violets
  • Light and refreshing
  • Leaves the palette full of fruit and flowers

Brief Description

Tinker Violet Gin is the second gin released under the Tinker brand and is based on their gorgeous Tinker Gin infused with the sweet and perfumed taste of the old Parme Violet sweets that you'll likely remember from your childhood.

This latest gin is packed with flavour and mixes beautifully with tonic to give a fresh and aromatic drink. Its a full strength gin, with a 40% ABV, and is a thin light liquid unlike the liqueurs with a similar flavouring. As with their original drink, much tinkering was done to get the right balance between the flavour and the botanicals in the gin, but the result is exactly what you'd want from Tinker Parma Violet Gin.

Tasting Notes

Add a premium tonic and garnish with Blueberries for the perfect serve

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